LIVE! Springfield Estate Wine Tasting:
Thursday 1st April with Jenna Bruwer

Join us for this live event at 7:00pm on Thursday 1st April.
Jenna will guide you through a tasting of 5 wines from Springfield Estate, Western Cape, South Africa. 

There is no purchase necessary to join this event. You can register and simply join in and learn more about Springfield wines, or you can choose which wines from the line up below you would like to taste.
Alternatively, we are also offering a very special mixed 5 deal for those of you that would like to taste the full selection!



1.  Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc 
2. Miss Lucy White Blend
3. Méthode Ancienne Chardonnay
4. Whole Berry Cabernet Sauvignon
5. The Work of Time Bordeaux Blend